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Cocktail Party

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Cocktail Party with Adrienne Soresi

Adrienne Soresi is known in South Jersey for her trademark phrase "…That’s Better Living". Adrienne has been educating her radio, print and television audiences about doing everyday activities with a "Better Living" spin.

Adrienne began her television career in Atlantic City as a writer, producer, part-time reporter, and weather anchor at WMGM-NBC40. She combined her love of food, wine, and the finer things in life to put together an entirely new television series called "Better Living Tips".
Excerpt from

Aug 8, 2007
Practical Environmentalism, Part II
Cocktail Party (1400 AM WOND)
[mp3 - 15.3 M] | [wma - 8.8 M]

Mar 21, 2007
Practical Environmentalism, Part I
Cocktail Party (1400 AM WOND)
[mp3 - 51.5 M] | [wma - 27.8 M]

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