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Where else are you going to find quirky guests like the man who makes functional electric chairs for Barbie dolls, a tumbleweed farmer, a professional fetish trainer, a Hebrew rap group or John Wayne Bobbitt?

Interviews with Jeff Schweitzer
Beyond Cosmic Dice:
Moral Life in a Random World

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Holder Tonight with Peter Anthony Holder

Peter Anthony Holder host of Holder Tonight on CJAD
You may read more about Holder Tonight and Peter's biography at the show site or

Jan 18, 2008
Morality, Politics and Religion
[mp3 - 9.2 M] | [wma - 5.0 M]

Nov 3, 2006
Morality & the Environment: Interview with Jeff Schweitzer
[wma - 9.5 M] | [mp3 - 17.5 M]

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