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Vote To Save The Planet

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Why This Book?

The 2008 presidential election is the background driving force for putting pen to paper, but I have been writing this book in my head for 30 years. Some family and friends would call that “talking to himself” but I choose to view my ranting and raving to an empty room as healthy preparation.

My political life began in 1972 with the presidential contest between Richard Nixon and George McGovern. I watched in dismay as the wrong person took the oath of office. McGovern was deeply flawed, and I disagreed with much of what he said, but he was infinitely better than Nixon. With the bright exception of Bill Clinton, my entire adult life has been dominated by the politics of the wrong person in office. Nixon started an ugly trend for me that accelerated over the past eight years.

The current race for the White House makes me tremble in fear for our Republic. John McCain is Bush-light compared to Sarah Palin. After two terms of abject failure, the country again is considering the election of an inexperienced zealot unwavering in the face of opposing facts because God is on her side. We would again have a (vice) president who disdains a “thick resume” and experience as liberal elitism. Have we learned nothing at all from the horrors of the Bush administration? Our country cannot endure four more years of a malignant presidency that relies on divine guidance in place of rationality, nor can the global environment endure another term of neglect and hostility.

Yet as the issues become ever more urgent, our political discourse has grown increasingly course and irrelevant. I only need mention lipstick on a pig to rest my case. We are fiddling while Rome burns. We are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We are fundamentally changing the chemistry of our atmosphere, but focus instead on field dressing a moose. Enough. Enough. We are better than what we have become. I wrote this book because issues matter. I wrote this book to explore and expose our better side.

Critics might decry my attacks on McCain and Palin as inconsistent with my hopes for a brighter future. Why not focus only on the positive? The choice before us is not between two equivalent teams in which our selection will result in something benign or good regardless. Explaining why Obama must be elected is not enough alone. We must also understand why McCain and Palin cannot occupy the White House. Consider a doctor trying to encourage an obese patient to go on a diet. She first describes the positives of losing weight like easier breathing, better mobility, increased energy level and improved sleep. But simply listing the benefits of a lean figure is insufficient; the patient must also grasp the grave dangers of his obesity as well. So the doctor discusses with him a greater risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, angina, high blood pressure and heart attack. Just as the doctor must highlight the good and bad to explain fully the nature of the patient’s condition, so we must. We strive to elect Obama not only for the tremendous good he will do, but because he will also prevent the calamity that would befall us if McCain and Palin were to be elected.

The election of 2008 is our chance to save our planet.


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